Hiking in Tresticklan National Park

Tresticklan, one of Sweden's 24 national parks and one of Dalsland's most visited tourist destinations  is located in Nössemark. 
Here you will find several different hiking trails in unbroken wilderness, one of them crosses the border into Norway. The total length of the trails are 23 kilometers with a medium difficulty level. There is good access to footbridges that make your hike easier. Tresticklan national park is the largest unexploited forest area in southern Sweden. The trails are varied and hilly, depending on whether you walk in the direction of the mountain ridges or along them. In addition to the barren forest, you will find many lakes and a landscape with narrow and high mountain ridges.
The entrance to the national park is about ten minutes drive (towards Ed) from Vita huset. Let us know us if you plan a hike, we can offer you a lunch bag to bring along your hike.
facts about Tresticklan
  • Total length: 23 kilometer

  • Difficulty: medium

  • Area: 30 square kilometers
  • Toilets are located in the parking lot at the entrance

More hiking

In addition to Tresticklan National Park, there are several other hiking trails / walks in the area. We recommend a hike up Linnekläppen in Norway or a shorter walk to Maja's prayer altar here in Nössemark. There is also a large selection of small roads and paths in the area.

Hiking along the national border

Nössemark is only a few kilometers from the Norwegian border. In a hilly and varied terrain, you can follow the cairns that mark the border. You will find the cairns at intervals of a few 100 meters.

Hike in Torrskog

Twenty kilometers from Vita huset, on the other side of lake Stora Le you find Torrskogsleden, a 25 kilometer long hiking trail through a varied landscape. The entire trail is recommended as a two-day hike, but you may shorten the hike to one day or shorter.

Discover the adventure at Stora Le


Stora Le is one of Dalsland's most attractive canoe waters. The lake is 70 kilometers long and 2-3 kilometers wide and stretches from Ed in the south to Norway / Värmland (Töcksfors) in the north. Stora Le is also part of a lake system with connection to Dalsland's canal.
The most beautiful part of Stora Le is located around Nössemark and to the north. There are many small sandy beaches and islands to visit. 
Vita huset is the perfect start for an adventure on the lake. Canodal canoe rental in Ed can offer you canoe and additional equipment.


In Stora Le and other lakes in the area there are pike, perch, the Dalsland landscape fish and many other species. At Vita huset you can borrow or buy fishing equipment and fishing license for Rörviken's fisheries conservation area. With the municipal fishing license, you can fish in lakes and ponds in the area.

On wheels

In Nössemark there is a great variety of bike paths. If you prefer to go mountain biking, there are many roads and paths in the forest.  Vita huset is located right by Dalslandsleden, which makes a stop with us perfect if you are planning a biking holiday on Dalslandsleden.


No matter how you prefer to get around, on foot or by bike, on small roads and paths in Vita huset's surroundings, we have maps for you.

Get around (within 30 kilometers)

Get around in Nössemark

Make a day trip

  • Not Quite - a culture center  with craftsmen in an old paper factory (55 kilometers)
  • Beautiful Strömstad on the Swedish west coast (60 kilometer)
  • Fredriksstad and the beautiful Old Town (65 kilometers)
  • The aqueduct in Håverud - Dalsland's pride (75 kilometers)
  • Dalsland activities, riding and activities for all ages (50 kilometers)

Annual events

  • Nössemarksdagarna in July - craft sales, various events and performances
  • Ed monster race , in August
  • Ed 's countryfestival August  6-7, 2021
  • Camp Dalsland with its races; Dalsland canoe marathon, Dalsland X-trail, Dalsland cross country, Dalsland Gravel race and Dalsland swimrun